The Best Moisturizing Cream is a Non-Comedogenic One


Living with an oily skin isn’t easy. Your pores are so big, that they collect all dust and dirt throughout the day. By bed time, they are already filled with these residues, mixed with sebum and very difficult to remove. No cleanser can give you a perfectly clean face. You go to sleep with that stuff on your face to wake up in the morning with clogged pores and perhaps some irritations.

It’s a myth that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizing. It needs it badly, but you need to be very careful which cream you choose. There are some of them featuring special formulations for oily skins. These products are free from alcohol and fragrances, they are light and very effective at penetrating the superficial layers of the skin. If they are easily absorbed, there are slighter chances to get those nasty blackheads, pimples and acne bursts that are so common among people with this type of complexion.


Skincare is a science that has evolved tremendously over the past decade. Modern products are perfectly adapted to the type of skin they’ve been created for. They can help reducing and preventing acne outbreaks, while giving the skin a nice, matte look. Nobody wants to have a shiny face full of blackheads, so a mejor crema hidratante no-comedogenica is their best solution for a perfect skin.

The cream I’ve fallen in love with has all these properties. I apply it twice a day, once before bed time and once in the morning, before putting on my makeup. Since then, I have less problems with oily patches and clogged makeup. My pores seem smaller and cleaner. My T-zone area is still a bit shiny, but it looks much better than what it used to.

The texture of this cream is very fluid. This makes it get absorbed into the skin pretty quickly, thus preventing that greasy look everybody hates. This is essential for a non-comedogenic product, as the ones that aren’t fluid usually clog the pores, resulting in acne, inflammations and all kinds of blemishes. Good skincare products for oily skin are fluid, yet moisturizing. Their formulation is carefully balanced to cater to all problems of this type of skin.

The other good thing about this cream is that it doesn’t stimulate the already over-active sebaceous glands increase their sebum production. This allows the makeup to look good even after many hours, thus being ideal for all girls who don’t understand life without color. Besides, thanks to its emollient properties, this moisturizing cream softens the dry areas on the face, making the complexion more even and nicer. This is the solution to a problem all oily skin persons have; their skin has some dry patches that flake off, making them look like they never put a skincare product on their face. Luckily, thanks to these modern products, we can improve the way we look and feel, thus boosting our self-confidence and self-esteem. Indeed, a good moisturizer can make you feel better in multiple areas of your life.