Green tea is highly effective for losing weight naturally and quickly. Millions of people are facing the problem of weight gaining and belly fat. Many people complain that they have no sufficient time to join gym or start dieting. Many of them don’t know the appropriate ways of what to eat, what not to. But you will be wonder to know that if you love to drink tea regularly then tea can also help you to reduce weight and get a slim and shaped body.

Many studies have been proven that black tea is good for health rather than milk tea, but now recently studies says that green tea is furthermore beneficial for reducing weight, healthy and glowing skin as well as digestive system. Green tea includes anti-oxidants and catechins, which is a fine component for metabolism and immune system as well as it helps to reduce weight also. Let’s take a look of some effective way to drink green tea for weight loss:-

Green Tea:

Start your morning with green tea and you will feel such refreshment and energy as well as you can easily loss your excess weight. There are numbers of branded and non branded green tea packages available, you can chose any of them. Boil 1 cup of water and add 1 tsp of green tea into it, let it boil for 5 minutes, don’t add milk and sugar,  you can add a little honey for taste and drink slowly. Drink this twice in a day, not need to drink much. Initially you can feel some bitterness in the taste of green tea but later on you will start liking it.

Green Tea and lime:

Lemon is good ingredient for immunity; it includes anti-bacterial and acidic properties which help to reduce weight as well. Make 1 cup of green tea and add 1 tsp of fresh lime juice or as you like, drink it slowly, repeat this twice in a day.

Green Tea with cinnamon powder:

Cinnamon is an herbal remedy which is highly effective for reducing weight and digestive problems. Add half tsp of cinnamon powder into 1 cup of green tea, also add some honey drops into it and drink slowly twice in a day. Cinnamon will help to loss fat, make you feel fresh because the fragrance of cinnamon is quite strong, it also has sweet flavor so you don’t need to add honey or sugar.

Green Tea with honey:

Honey is an ancient remedy for many issues so as it is helpful to reduce weight. Add 1 or 2 tbsp of raw and organic honey in 1 cup of green tea and drink this tea two or three times in a day. You can also have green tea after your lunch.

Green Tea with ginger:

Ginger has many benefits regarding health and beauty. Ginger is also beneficial for reducing weight, it boost your immunity and fight with bacteria, add some fresh ginger in 1 cup of green tea and drink twice daily.