Sleeping well

Tips for Sleeping Well   A lot of times I go to bed and nothing happens. I sleep. I wake up. A new day starts. Other times, I find myself gasping for air and screaming my lungs out, scaring my husband, cats and neighbors. As it turns out, my father used to suffer from the […]

Stepping it up

That is going to be my new motto. These months (for me) have been an accelerated course on life. I helped a teenager pass his 7th grade, even when everyone else said: “You will fail!” I helped him study, gave him unsolicited advice, cried with him, and intervened when his tutor was ready to hang […]

The best moisturizing cream is a non-comedogenic one

The Best Moisturizing Cream is a Non-Comedogenic One   Living with an oily skin isn’t easy. Your pores are so big, that they collect all dust and dirt throughout the day. By bed time, they are already filled with these residues, mixed with sebum and very difficult to remove. No cleanser can give you a […]